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First family visit

My Mum and her husband Rob were the first family members to come and visit us “up north”. We had very nice weather and yesterday we managed to have a nice walk around Morecambe, an evening walk along the canal in Bolton-le-Sands. Today we visited Williamson Park in Lancaster and experienced the butterfly house and mini beasts!

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Appreciating Morecambe

Today for the first time I went into Morecambe (about 3 miles from home) and actually really got my head around it! I saw the beach properly for the first time and went into the bank before taking a quick look around the shops.

I really like Morecambe!

A short shoreline walk

Well, we've moved! Things have been a bit hectic though as we've had 1) very little time to unpack 2) one week stuck in Essex 3) a week of influenza

We're slowly feeling better though and managed to get some fresh air today on a short walk from our house to the shore (it's a VERY short walk actually!).

You can see the photographs we took on the way here: –[email protected]/1eMFiX

Lots of work to do now, but I'll be updating the website much more regularly from now on.

What I seem to do all day

It always scares me when I think of how much of my life I “waste” looking at progress bars on computer screens.

Today I'm sitting waiting for some large files to upload and can't get much else done while I wait. Fortunately I'm taking the time to file some old documents and do some things to prepare for moving home.


For anyone that might not already know – we are moving home from Essex to Lancashire. As yet we haven't got a moving date, but I'll keep you posted.

We are looking at renting around Lancaster, but we might consider something a little further out.

New site underway

Decided to do a complete makeover on my website, but I'm a little busy so bear with me while I try to get things underway!