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Producing backing tracks and cover versions of Ed Sheeran’s two new songs today. 

I really like Ed’s music. Some of his ballads are a bit wimpy but they are still usually good songs. I prefer his more uptempo material like “Sing” or “Don’t”.

The first of the new songs, “Shape Of You” I immediately liked. It was obviously originally written by Ed using his loop pedal with a number of looping tracks including Marimba and percussive acoustic guitar noises. As a producer I found this track interesting and enjoyed recreating it.

The second song “Castle On The Hill” didn’t immediately have the same impact on me, but of course I have to listen to these songs many times over when making the cover versions and sometimes they grow on me. This one did – a lot! By the end of the session I preferred this song, apart from the annoying line about doing 90 mph on a country road which really is quite an irresponsible thing to put into a song and a stupid move by Ed. But that aside this is a real earworm.

I really enjoyed producing both tracks and as usual performed all the instruments and vocals myself.