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Sam Hunt – Drinkin’ Too Much

Today’s backing track / cover version was “Sam Hunt – Drinkin’ Too Much”. Sam is a country artist but you’d barely know if from this song as the arrangement is more similar to a Drake track. This is helped along by the sung chorus/spoken rapped verses, and the instrumentation which is more reminiscent of hip hop.  The biggest clue to it’s country origins are the southern US accent and the pedal steel guitar which makes an appearance here and there throughout the song.  Not my personal cup of tea as a song, but it made a change from the usual country music I hear.

Ed Sheeran double

Producing backing tracks and cover versions of Ed Sheeran’s two new songs today. 

I really like Ed’s music. Some of his ballads are a bit wimpy but they are still usually good songs. I prefer his more uptempo material like “Sing” or “Don’t”.

The first of the new songs, “Shape Of You” I immediately liked. It was obviously originally written by Ed using his loop pedal with a number of looping tracks including Marimba and percussive acoustic guitar noises. As a producer I found this track interesting and enjoyed recreating it.

The second song “Castle On The Hill” didn’t immediately have the same impact on me, but of course I have to listen to these songs many times over when making the cover versions and sometimes they grow on me. This one did – a lot! By the end of the session I preferred this song, apart from the annoying line about doing 90 mph on a country road which really is quite an irresponsible thing to put into a song and a stupid move by Ed. But that aside this is a real earworm.

I really enjoyed producing both tracks and as usual performed all the instruments and vocals myself.

Something to post

So it seems as though I’m not going to have much to post on my website! Mainly because if I do have something to say it’ll probably go on my website at

So I’m going to try to use this as a kind of secondary blog, for things that are probably too boring for my main one. This means that I’ll end up posting about my other work, maybe mentioning the backing tracks that I’m currently working on. If you find it interesting, great. If not, please send all complaints stapled to a £20 note.