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Appreciating Morecambe

Today for the first time I went into Morecambe (about 3 miles from home) and actually really got my head around it! I saw the beach properly for the first time and went into the bank before taking a quick look around the shops.

I really like Morecambe!

A short shoreline walk

Well, we've moved! Things have been a bit hectic though as we've had 1) very little time to unpack 2) one week stuck in Essex 3) a week of influenza

We're slowly feeling better though and managed to get some fresh air today on a short walk from our house to the shore (it's a VERY short walk actually!).

You can see the photographs we took on the way here: –[email protected]/1eMFiX

Lots of work to do now, but I'll be updating the website much more regularly from now on.